How to bake meat pies

How to make meat pies

-small pieced meat
-1 Large carrot
-1 Large potato
-1 Large onion
-Salt and oil
-3 Cups cake flour
-250 grams butter
-1 Egg
-4 Tablespoon Iced water

Method of preparation

I cooked small cubed beef steak and I added salt to the the beef while it was still on the stove.
Note that the quantity of salt should be according to how you love it.
Once the meat is cooked,fry it til it's brown then add onion and tomato,and spice of your choice.
Add carrots,and potatos,if you want you can even add green beans(Note that the potatoes and carrots should be cooked separate, that includes green beans if you'll be adding green beans)
Make sure your meat should be gravy so your pie doesn't have to be dry.
Method for the pie crust. flour in a bowl,added a pinch of salt,added butter.
Slowly added a bit of iced water/cold water from the fridge,then knead til the dough was no longer stick in my hands.
I made small meat ball like pieces,knead til the  balls were round.
Then I added my meat.
For the filling of the pie,I used a folk.
I glazed pies with eggs(this makes the pies to look shiny and gives them a golden look)
I baked the pies in a pre-heat oven at 160 degrees.

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  1. Can I just say that it is so refreshing to see a recipe without a mile long story attached! These look super yummy by the way!

  2. In my country we have a similar dish called a patty. I will add this recipe to my list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the recipe. Keep them coming.

  4. I agree with Megan and these do look delicious. Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait for more.

  5. OUU, I love any type of pies! Sounds like the best comfort food. :)

  6. I'd definitely like to try out this recipe. Seems simple enough for me to handle. I think I'd like chicken in mine. I have to be in the mood for beef, it doesn't happen too often.

  7. How interesting! This is a quick & easy-to-make recipe.

  8. I miss this! I used to buy this one before - it's called empanada. We also serve this during occasions. <3

  9. These look so good!

    Devin | deventuretime |

  10. Will this recipe be used to make a veg pie as well? Something like mushroom pie?

  11. Looks like a quick and easy recipe which is great for our busy lifestyle!

  12. In my country we make something similar called a patty. I wish you put more pictures.

  13. I love pies.