Banana Milk shake Recipe

Bananas are not only good for kids but also to adults as they provide us with a lot of benefits.

-They help with digestion problems and gastrointestinal problems.
-They are a great source of energy.
-Manganese present in bananad help with the skin.
-Vitamin B6 
-Vitamin V
-They make bones strong
-Increase brain power
-Prevent Anaemia in kids.

°Potassuim present in bananas help our bodies maintain a healthy heart.
°Bananas have low sodium which helps to control high blood pressure.

Delicious banana smoothie milk shake


•4 Ripe bananas
•1 Cup Milk
•Half Cup Cold Water
•3 Drops Of Vanilla Essence


Blend bananas,add half cup cold water
I Cup milk,drops of vanilla essence,then add sugar.

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  1. The Banana Milk shake is my favorite juice, thanks for sharing good recipe.

  2. I would love to try this banana milkshake 'cause its summer now here in the PH. This would definitely soothe the hot temperature during the day

  3. I don't eat bananas myself but my boys love them. I love them because it is a healthy food that is actually CHEAP! Thanks for this, it looks like a dessert treat :)

  4. I wannnnttttt...This looks so delicious! I love anything that has bananas! Can't wait to make this one.

  5. I will make one for dinner dessert.

  6. This looks really good. I share this with friends because I am allergic to bananas.

  7. I love bananas. I put them in most of my smoothies. I watch my sugar so I would try it with stevia.

  8. i love bananas, i always use bananas as the main ingredient whenever i make a smoothie. i will definitely try this recipe.

  9. That's great to know, we love Banana muffins in our family, so this is another great reason to keep making them.
    XO, MJ

  10. This banana milkshake is really a must-have especially for runners. When I run, I usually take one or two pieces of bananas. But now, I prefer to have this one. <3 Thank you for sharing this smoothie recipe!

  11. This sounds delicious! We love to make banana milkshakes with vanilla protein powder. So yummy!