Guava Juice Recipe

Guava Juice Recipe

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Guavas have many healthy benefits including the following
• Weight loss
• Anticancer effect
• boost heart health
• May help relieve menstruation pain
•Digestive system

  • Ripe Guavas (pink or white)
  • Sugar
  • Lemon Juice/Citric Acid
  • Water
  1. Wash your guavas 
  2. Peel the skin off
  3. Wash your guavas again after peeling
  4. Cut into pieces
  5. Put the pieces in a blender then make a Puree
  6. Get a cup of water and pour the water in a blender
  7. Strain the puree
  8. Add sugar and lemon juice/citric acid
  9. Put your juice in a fridge

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  1. I enjoy a good glass of juice especially chilled in the summer time