The BEST Pizza Recipe

Away from the meat Pie,salads and cookies. Today I made pizza. OMG!I don't really like pizza but I managed to eat the one I made, perhaps because I know the ingredients? Just made. It's the same ingredients you have seen on this blog,perhaps just additional of a few things. So let's get to our business.

Home made Pizza Dough
Home made Pizza


√ Yeast (One packet)
√ Water 
√ Salt 
√ Oil 
√ All Purpose Flour


Add 1/3 Cups warm water in a mixing bowl,followed by all purpose flour(do not bleach the flour) Add 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Add 1(one) tablespoon of salt and 1(one) tablespoon of sugar. Mix the above ingredients together either by hand or a hand held mixer.(kneading by hands always gives great results) Cover your mixing bowl tightly plastic wrap or kitchen towel. and set aside to rise for 2 hours or you can leave it for over night in the refrigerator. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and allow to rest for a few 20-40 minutes.

Turn your oven on for 2 minutes at 60°C then turn it off. Place the dough in the oven. Keep the oven door open while you wait for the dough to double in size then close the oven door. Remove your dough from the oven then start shaping it. While shaping the pizza switch on the oven, preheating it at 240° C for 15 minutes while you continue to shape the dough. Grease your pizza pan with cooking oil. Divide the dough into two. With oil in your hands,gently flatten your pizza. Flatten your pizza into 12 pieces. Cover your pizza with plastic wrap once again while you prepare your toppings. 

√ Ketcup 
√ Cheddar 
√ Tomato 
√ Onion 
√ Green Pepper 
√ French Polony 
√ Salami
√ Mozerella 
√ Thyme 


I arranged my toppings starting with ketchup, Cheddar, tomato,onion,green pepper, French Polony,salami,Mozerella then lastly thyme. 

Baking Time ⏱️: 25 Minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

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  1. Easy to follow recipe! I'll sure try it during quarantine

  2. Looks so good! Saving this to try soon!

  3. I love pizza with lots of toppings especially tomatoes. This looks delicious!

  4. Nice! I love pizza and recently we also indulged from our homemade pizza, but we only did the toppings not the crust.

  5. I love pizza and I can't wait to try this at home yummy!

  6. Due to lockdown I am craving badly for pizza. Never tried homemade though but it looks good.

  7. Yum! Thank you for sharing. Will need to try your recipe.