Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti

Rich beef and careful selected mushrooms.

This isn't your average steak and mushroom pie.

Flaky puff pastry that will melt in your mouth, delicious beef and gravy mushrooms.

This steak pie is easy and quick to make, you'll be done in no time.

The meat is tender,this makes it kids friendly.

Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti on

Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti

Steak Pie Recipe

The Steak Pie is tender yet Crispy. Steak Pie served on a bed of Mushroom and served with delicious Salad.

This homemade steak pie is healthier and tastier.The greatness of homemade everything is that you get to decide what will be in your food and you also get to decide how you are going to make your food.

This isn't your average Steak and Mushroom Pie.

It looks different because cooking should be fun and you should always have different cooking ideas.

Fresh mushrooms that are incredibly delicious.

The meat is slowly cooked, giving it a tender tastes.

Beef and mushroom go together pretty well.

This recipe is classic and delicious.

Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti

Homemade Steak and mushroom Pie

Pies are a regular in our house, whatever month it is.

My family love pies, especially meat pie, well maybe because meat pies are so down to earth even if they are very common.

This Pie is full of tender steak and perfectly cooked mushrooms.

 Beef Pie mixed with mushrooms, Imagine Mushroom Pie on it's on, regardless this Steak and Mushroom Pie is a game changer.

How to make Steak and Mushroom Pie

This homemade steak pie is made with just a few ingredients, it's easy, delicious and mouthwatering.

Here are the ingredients you'll need for this steak and mushroom pie recipe:

Beef,Mushroom,Carrots ,fresh cream,Grated Mozzarella,Cheddar Cheese,Yeast,Garlic,Salt,Black pepper,Flour,Milk

This recipe is filled with gravy meat

Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti

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Cobb Salad 

This Cobb Salad is perfectly healthy.

Cobb Salad is the greatest salad of all time,it has the perfect Salad Dressing.

This salad is fully satisfying and it's will get vitamins,protein,fat and fiber all in one plate.

Cobb Salad is usually found in restaurants menus.

Cobb salad can be served as a side dish or a whole meal on it's own.

There are so many versions of Cobb salad.

I made my own version,you can also make your own depending with the types of fruit you have at hand.

I had put mashed potatoes in the middle of the salad.

What is Cobb Salad

A Cobb Salad has boiled eggs, meat,a mixture of lettuce, Avocado, chicken and  tomato.

Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti

Difference Between A Chef Salad and Cobb Salad

Both Cobb Salad and A Chef Salad have lettuce,meats, chicken breast,ham,cheese and boiled eggs.

But a Cobb salad usually has a mixture of different lettuces, tomatoes and avocado.

Cobb Salad Recipe

I love making salads because they are delicious, healthy and fresh but Cobb Salad is my favorite because it has assorted Fruits and other ingredients.

Honestly there is no Salad Recipe better than Cobb Salad Recipe.

Surprise your family with cobby salad.

This might be hard to believe but there are a lot of people who have never heard of Cobb salad 🥗 .

If you are hearing of Cobb salad for the first time then no worried,you do not have to be intimidated by how the salad looks, it's classy and elegant but it's easy to make, in no time you'll have the perfect salad.

With yummy and delicious mashed potatoes,this Cobb Salad is all you need to fulfill your salad craving.

It's perfect for a party,a wedding,a birthday and even for Christmas.

Cobb Salad Ingredients

I like to use chicken breast but I didn't have time to make the chicken breast so I just cooked bacon and hard-boiled eggs.

This salad has so much proteins and is very satisfying.

The following are the ingredients I used for this Cobb Salad Recipe

Avocado, Lettuce, bacon, Hard-boiled eggs, onion, Cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and mashed potatoes

Cobb Salad Dressing

1.Chop bacon into smaller pieces and sauté for 5 minuted until crisp.

Transfer to a paper towel plate to cool.

2. Cook 3 eggs for 15 minutes then peel.

3. Chop lettuce into desired size.

4. Arrange lettuce on a serving plate.cut avocadoes into small pieces and arrange them on one row.cut cherry tomatoes and arrange them just after the avocado.

5. Cut and arrange hard-boiled eggs.Arrange your bacon,your ,your red onion and cucumbers.

6. Enjoy your Cobb Salad

More Salad Dressing Ideas

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Nutrition Facts

Cobb Salad with Cobb Salad Dressing

Amount Per Serving

Calories 690Calories from Fat 445

% Daily Value*

Fat 47g76%

Saturated Fat 12g76%

Cholesterol 210mg70%

Sodium 1251mg52%

Potassium 894mg24%

Carbohydrates 10g4%

Fiber 4g17%

Sugar 4g4%

Protein 50g100%

Vitamin A 1322IU22%

Vitamin C 18mg22%

Calcium 136mg12%

Iron 3mg17%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Mashed Potatoes

This is my go to recipe for the easy mashed potato recipe.

These mashed potatoes are creamy and tangy,made with just a few ingredients this recipe is easy and quick to make.

These mashed potatoes can be frozen so you do not have to worry about them going to waste.

Mashed Potatoes are great because you can use Yukon golds,Irish Potatoes,starchy russet or a mixture of these.

Mashed Potatoes Recipe

I love these mashed potatoes because they can be frozen and they can start for up to a week in the refrigerator without loosing their taste.

This mashed potatoes recipe is made with just few ingredients that you probably already have in the pantry.

Homemade Mashed Potatoes

I'm homemade everything,I have made a lot of mashed potatoes and potato salad and they all come out perfect.

Being a picky eater,I know what to avoid and what to include in my mashed potatoes.

How to make mashed potatoes

This is a classic recipe for mashed potato so I didn't add any spices,Onion or garlic.

The following are the ingredients I used for this mashed potato recipe:

Potatoes,butter,salt,pepper and milk.

Milk: I heat my milk for just a bit then added it to the can also use cream if you have it.

Butter: I added 2 tablespoons of salted butter,if you have unsalted butter,do not worry it also works fine.

Seasoning: I only used black pepper.if you love your mashed potatoes with garlic,then chop a few garlic cloves and boil them together with the potatoes.

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1. Cut and cook Potatoes for 20 minutes.drain using a colander,let the potatoes sit on a colander for 5 minutes til the water completely drains.

2. Mash potatoes using a hand masher or mash by hands.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of salted butter or more tablespoons depending with how much potatoes you have or how much you love your food to be buttery.

4. Heat your milk/cream.this will help your butter to melt and also help the potatoes absorb and keep them hot.add your milk bit by bit in order to get the right consistency.

5. Sprinkle black pepper and you are done.

6. Add mashed potatoes on Cobb salad


Mashed Potatoes

Calories: 238, Carbohydrates: 39g, Protein: 4g, Fat: 5g, Saturated Fat: 3g, Cholesterol: 15mg, Sodium: 73mg, Potassium: 976mg, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 2g, Vitamin A: 233IU, Vitamin C: 12mg, Calcium: 69mg, Iron: 1.9mg

Spaghetti Recipe

This is an easy,yummy and quick spaghetti recipe with tomato sauce made in just 10 minutes.

Homemade spaghetti

This is a plain spaghetti recipe,I just sprinkled a bit of tomato sauce.

Spaghetti and macaroni are super easy to make.

Homemade spaghetti doesn't have to be complicated.

What to serve with this spaghetti recipe

Easy butter chicken

Rosemary Balsamic Vinegar Steak

How to make spaghetti

Here is the simple way of cooking Spaghetti.

1. Add water in a pot,add salt and put the pot on the stove.

2. When the water is hot,add spaghetti.cook according to the instructions on the package.

3. Drain and set aside.

4. Heat a pan and add butter and a bit of olive oil.

5. Add the spaghetti in the olive oil and butter mixture,heat on the stove for 2 minutes.

6. Remove from the stove and add on the plate, sprinkle tomato sauce according to your liking.

Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti

Steak And Mushroom Pie Cobb Salad Mashed Potato And Spaghetti
Golden brown Steak Pie served on a bed or mushrooms and spaghetti.
Perfectly dressed Cobb salad and mashed potatoes.

  • Steak
  • Carrots
  • Mushrooms
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 5 teaspoons of grated mozzarella
  • Black pepper
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Yeast
  • Carrots
  • Fresh cream
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Milk
1. Add 2 cups of flour in a bowl,add pinch of salt and a tablespoon of instant yeast. Whisk the ingredients. 
2. Add milk to the ingredients and stir til dough is formed. 
3. Place the dough on a smooth surface and knead with your hands. 
4. Put the dough in a bowl and cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. 
5. Put the bowl in a fridge and let the dough rise for 2 hours.remove dough from the fridge and separate the dough into balls. 
6. Roll the balls in readiness of the filling. Filling 
1. Cut the steak into pieces,cook for 3 minutes then deep fry til golden brown. 
2. Cut carrots and add to the meat,add mushrooms and 4 teaspoons of flour,4 teaspoons of fresh cream,5 teaspoons of grated mozzarella,garlic, salt and cheese. Add the pastry to the pie,roll the pastry then cover the pie. 
3. Brush the pie with eggs for a shinny look. 
4. Bake for 20 minutes at 180°

Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Yield: 5 serving
Calories: 475kcal
Fat: 20g 
Cuisine: Zambian 
Category: Main Course 
Keyword: Cobb Salad, Spaghetti Recipe, Steak and mushroom pie, Steak Pie, Mashed Potato

Nutrition Information:
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 20 g 32%
Saturated fat 4.5 g 19%
Polyunsaturated fat 8.8 g
Monounsaturated fat 7.5 g
Cholesterol 46 mg 18%
Sodium 312 mg 18%
Potassium 134 mg 3%
Total Carbohydrate 67g 20%
Dietary fiber 1.1 g 4%
Protein 4.7 g 9%
Vitamin A 9% Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 3% Iron 7.1%
Vitamin B-6 11% Cobalamin 1%
Magnesium 3
Calories Per Serving: 475 Cal


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